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HELP! Credits payed, "unlocked sucessfully" but STILL locked !! SCAM ??

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  • HELP! Credits payed, "unlocked sucessfully" but STILL locked !! SCAM ??

    As said above I've payed the 4 credits and logged in into DC Unlocker 2 1.00.1428.
    I followed the guide for Huawei. Mine is a supported one (P8 Lite 2017)

    DC Unlocker says
    Unlocking, please wait ...

    Phone successfully unlocked !

    Credits left : 0

    Please unplug and restart phone !
    I rebooted via adb into the bootloader and it says it's still locked!

    So... it would be nice to get my money back because I really don't like to pay for something what seems to be scam or something.
    I already started a claim on PayPal.
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    PayPal claim started, automatically an e-Mail arrived:
    Reversed payment
    Your account: someperson was blocked, because your payment was reversed. Contact us for more information.
    Our contact details can be found here:


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      Maybe you should have actually read the guide which says it unlocks network? Why bother checking bootloader lock after unlocking mobile from network, that's like buying milk and expecting it to be bread. So it's not nice to use service and make claims for which is not our fault that you do not read - even button label says "Network unlock".