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    I bought credit to unlock huawei voice but I can't login and I get this message :

    username : happyy101

    Check account status
    Access denied (for using protocol monitoring software)

    Thank you for your quick help !!
    Last edited by happyy111; 2021-10-16, 01:21 AM.

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    Your computer runs usb activity scanning/sharing service, therefore you got blocked. You must remove such service/software from computer before using DC-unlocker otherwise you will get blocked again.
    Block now removed. If you do not know what service/software on your machine causes this then can only suggest to use dc-unlocker from another pc. Note: receiving multiple blocks for same reason may end up with a permanent block.


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      How to know which application is causing this problem ? the error message dosnt give any hint or help...I'm unable to login and use the service

      is it possible to refund the paiement please ?


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        We won't know what softwares are causing it, we do not track it, you should know what softwares you have on computer and what they do. Refund not available, credits spent on voice enable feature that shows no error during service time.