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Your Device has been unlocked and can't be trusted

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  • Your Device has been unlocked and can't be trusted

    Hello everyone, i need little help from you.

    The problem is my device is showing notification saying "Your device has been unlocked and can't be trusted" after flashing with board software.

    I successfully flashed the stock firmware but it is still showing the same notification.
    I tried re locking the bootloader in fastboot mode but nothing helped.

    Is there anyway i can remove this notification?
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    Maybe this would help you


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      Thanks for answer but i already did that and it didn't work. I have bootloader code and i relocked using command "fastboot oem relock bootloader_unlock_code" . My device rebooted and did factory reset itself after inputting that command. But it still says bootloader unlocked(It does not say relocked ). The problem is here. What to do now? This problem came after flashing board firmware.


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        Now you read the guide to complete the process from relocked to locked.


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          yes i completed the process and it failed.


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            And there is another problem after flashing board firnware. When i factory reset the phone, it doesn't ask for activation process or setup page. It directly takes me to home(Menu)