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May be a stupid question. IMEI repair

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  • May be a stupid question. IMEI repair

    I am on my laptop trying to repair the imei on my router. If I plug the router in USB, dc blocker doesn't see it when I search. If I plug in ethernet it detects it but turns off my wifi then I am not connected to the internet through my wifi. The dc unblocker software runs fine without internet and detects the router. But when I try changing the imei I am not connected to wifi and have no internet. This is my first one but I have been fighting it all day. Is there a way to connect to the internet through my wifi and connect to the router through ethernet at the same time? Ethernet is taking priority and I am struggling. Thank you in advance!!!

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    I went and bought a 4 port switch. I connect to the wifi router in one port, the MR1100 in the next port, and the computer in the third port. I get internet through the switch, But, will not see the MR1100. Any ideas?


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      This is so frustrating, I am still trying to get my windows 10 laptop to let me connect to my MR1100 and my WiFi at the same time. I have watched probably 30-40 videos today trying what they are saying to do, but nothing is working. I've tried everything from changing the IPv4 properties to adding fMinimizeConnection in Registry editor, to trying to bridge the two connections. Nothing works. The DC unlocker dongle recognizes my router when plugged in via ethernet cable. But I have no WiFi. I try to turn on WiFi so I can get an internet connection to log in and use my credits, but the WiFi will not stay on. Very very frustrating!!! I need help!!! Please!!!


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        Have you checked adapter statuses, maybe your 2 active adapter's one of the wifi and another of M1 run on same subnet? Which would make a software not to be able to detect a device.
        And regarding losing internet, check here you should start there from "How to change network adapter priorities using PowerShell" this will surely fix connection priorities.