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Un Lock FRANKLIN WIRELESS X720 Express Card ??

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    Originally posted by gc8tech View Post
    That's a bummer :-( I now have bought 3 of these units.. and can't use because of the lock on them. They are 4G700 LTE cards, So its still being used all over the world! We have national coverage with 4G700 LTE Coverage here in Australia. Do you know of any other unlocking programs?? or web sites?? I have used DC heaps to unlock 3G Data cards etc. I have no issues sending you a modem for free, if it meant it could be unlocked.
    You might find something on XDA forum maybe regarding this.


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      Thanks so much for your help. I have ONLY ever used DC to unlock stuff.. so i have no idea wheat else is out there. If anyone reading this know of my unlocking programs, please let me know.


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        XDA i don't think is going to help :-( Are there any other sites or programs that unlock mobiles / data cards?? Google search isn't helping much :-(