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ZTE MF833N unlocking

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  • ZTE MF833N unlocking

    I notice that ZTE MF833N is not listed under unlockable models. Would selecting ZTE MF833V work to unlock ZTE MF833N?
    From my observations the only notable difference between the two models is that MF833N supports LTE Band40, while MF833V doesn't support LTE Band40.
    Has anyone been able to successfully unlock ZTE MF833N models?

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    Unlikely, but it depends on the firmware it runs, if you let me know the version of it, I will be able to check more.
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      Thank you.
      I was only able to find the following information.

      Software Version: MF833N_TO2
      Hardware Version: MF833N-HW1.0
      Web Version: WEB_OPTUSMF833NV1.0.0B03

      I have tried to get the DC-unlocker to detect the modem, however it was not able to detect it, nor was I able to enable the diagnostics port.​
      I have looked in depth using Chrome DevTools, but I was not able to find the firmware version in either HTML code or API data.
      The only thing of interest would be when I click on update/check new version it does the API call with the following query string

      ​Which responds with

      Is the above information adequate or do you have any suggestions how I would be able to find the firmware version?

      Thank you.
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        The software version is firmware in your case. Sadly this version is not supported on our tools hence we have no information regarding it.
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          Would be it be possible to have this model supported by your tools? Happy to assist in anyway I can.