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  • HCU / DC-Phoenix Future

    hi all, its been 6 months i have purchased HCU/DC-Phoenix 2 years activation & didn't get any new major update from HCU, seems like dc team isn't interested anymore.. no more models support, no more solution is there any hope for new updates/models support in future?
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    Yes, there is.


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      My first time trying out this site. I have spent 13 but did not achieve a good result. I was hoping to use the HCU tool but it will not install for me. windows 10 Pro 1909. I tried the Phoenix 118 but I could not get my Huawei P9 to go into forced upgrade to finish it off. I must say that 13 is a lot of money to throw at a phone that can be bought used for less than 50. I am sure that you are missing income by not reducing prices to reflect the value of the phone. Any ideas why HCU won't work?