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Is it Possible to hack the Harvilon mifi

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  • Is it Possible to hack the Harvilon mifi

    Hello everyone, i just recently bought a Harvilon mifi which i did not know the dc unlocker did not support. So i kindly ask devs and Noble hearts if we can find a work around for the Harvilon mifi. I am willing to be a tester for anyone interested. Thank you all, hoping to hear some extremely wonderful news from someone
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    Hello, if it's not detectable at all there sadly there is nothing to try for it. Sorry. You should attempt to detect this one under novatel manufacturer on dc-unlocker client.


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      Hello, i have tried all the available options in the dc unlocker tool the only one that attempt to detect it is the ZTE modem option. When ever i use ZTE it reloads the mifi(unmount and remount it) and that's all