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Server is up ? Phoenix software

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  • Server is up ? Phoenix software

    Is server alive ?
    I am trying to use my second day DC Phoenix software but it seems that server is not up.
    Possible to confirm ?
    User mymind

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    Today, that is my last day to use this software I am getting a mesage inform that the software is attached to another PC .

    I am using the same laptop that i used before .

    Whats append ?

    Support please give me a solution


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      I have flashed my phone with DC phoneix .
      The problem was not solved, the phone boots but keep in huawei LOGO stuck !
      I was trying to download another version of firware from the support to try another firware.
      But today I face a another problem, now the software is telling me that the software is locked to another computer.

      This is not right since I always have used the same laptop!

      Yestarday the server was gone and I was not able to use the software anymore.
      I was getting a message inform that the conncetion to the server was not possible.
      Today I am trying to use again the software to try to flash again and I am getting a message that the software is locked dto another PC.


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        I go it,
        I nevcer used the dc phoneix software in other PC but yestarday I have opened the HCU client in my desktop.
        So this, made the software keep locked to my desktop.
        I have managed to open the software now in the desktop....
        Now let s hope the phone boots up....