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  • Connection Failed

    I had a "Connection failed!" error and was able to fix it (I had to use older ver. software). However now I have insufficient credits.
    Can you restore them so I complete the task.

    Thank you in advance.

    username: thunder9

    I bought more credits however screen say,
    Credits added successfully

    User name: thunder9
    Total credit amount: 0

    I should have 58 now however account has 0?

    Please fix thiis
    Last edited by Thunder9; 3 weeks ago.
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    Credits were not added because your payment was automatically refunded.
    Your payment is refunded, because you use unverified paypal account. For security reasons our system automatically refunds payment from unverified paypal accounts. You need to contact PayPal and verify your account. Then our system will not refund your payment

    May i ask what device you want to be serviced on our tool? If it's netgear/sierra, you should use this version of dc-unlocker client: