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p10 mate pro brick

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  • p10 mate pro brick

    Am receiving the following error - factory reset protection erase start - Error 398

    Brand: Huawei P10 mate pro

    Model: BLA - L09
    IMEI: 866218032734775

    My 15 credit is gone yet I have not found the unlock code.
    What do i do?

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    Credits added back, why would you want to remove google account from phone on bricked device? Makes no sense, frp erase does not change frp lock status in fastboot if that's why you tried to do frp erase.


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      ok, i have p10 in fastboot mode only, with phone and frp locked. i tried to open them with dc-unlocker, but nothing.
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        You should consider searching online what is FRP before you decide to erase it. This is our guide there is documentaion by Huawei themselves what it is and no it does not change any frp lock status in fastboot. Think you should be looking for mobile repair service not frp unlock because frp lock status in fastboot can be changed only from developer options on mobile settings.