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Help with “error connecting to server”

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  • Help with “error connecting to server”

    New guy here. The client is detecting my modem but I can’t connect to repair IMEI. I unplugged it from my pc and I can’t connect from my pc either, using the check login. Any help is appreciated.

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    You may receive this error because you do not have internet connection at unlock time. You need to have internet connection, but not from modem which you try to unlock.
    If you have other connection, it may be that modem which you try to unlock is overtaking the connection. Try to make these changes to avoid it: control panel > network and internet > network connections > Right click on your device that you want to unlock connection > Properties > Internet protocol (TCP/IPv4) > Properties > Advanced > IP settings > Uncheck "Automatic metric". Set Interface metric as "5". OK > OK > OK