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Using DC-Unlocker client software from ISP that blocks access to dc-unlocker site

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  • Using DC-Unlocker client software from ISP that blocks access to dc-unlocker site


    My ISP blocks access to the dc-unlocker site so I've to use an anonymous proxy server to navigate around this site.

    I've seen a youtube video that shows how to unlock a huawei modem with dc-unlocker client software and it seems that the client software needs to comunicate with the dc-unlocker servers. My question is if this could be a problem to unlock a device, because this communication could be a direct connection to the IP that my ISP blocks.

    If this is a problem, ... is there some solution?

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    Small part of providers have proxy and blocking web pages, youtube or skype.
    Maybe not like "UNLOCK". Our unlock servers located in other country and not sale domain name. I think software will not blocked. You can download and try enter wrong passwords and will see results.


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      Communication with unlock servers seems ok

      Thanks for your reply.

      I've tested with fake username/password and the answer is "Wrong username or password !".

      If I block the connection to your servers with my own firewall, then the answers is different: "Error connecting to server !".

      So, all seems ok and ready.

      By the way, what was the christmas gift?. I went some time late due to the problems with the blocking of my ISP.


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        There was gift 20 % credits, if buy from 2008-12-01 till 2008-12-24 .

        Also your posts there was in spam filter, probably because you use proxy.
        What your country and what internet provider ?


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          Spanish ISP that blocks access to dc-unlocker web site

          I'm connecting from Spain. My ISP is Telefonica. It also sells locked data cards (under Movistar brand), so it is not very happy with the functionality of your software.

          Today I've tested the connection to your web site from the house of a friend which has a different ISP ( From there the connection works ok.

          In my house I tried to do a static DNS resolving for the connection to your site (edditing the "hosts" file from windows and associating to the host "") and that didn't work. So it isn't simply a blocking at DNS servers level.

          If you're interested in any additional test, I'll be happy to help you. By the way, any gift for the help also should be welcome . What about 15 credits?.


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            Now we changed web site IP, must work in Spain. Thanks for reporting.