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  • Refund

    I paid credits for DC Unlocker and DC Phoenix and both not helped, DC Unlocker gave a messege:
    Factory reset protection Erase start

    Error connecting to server !

    and took all credits and dc phoenix not recognised
    Login kedzierz
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    Does your phone asks to sign in with google account when you boot it up? Why you did so many FRP erase? Have you checked any guide or asked someone before wasting so much money on it? i refunded purchase spent on dc-phoenix. Is your phone functional or it's bricked?


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      It's still bricked. Well first time it was my mistake, but rest of credits I lost making everyting with instruction above. Dc-phoenix gave error and I think in my situation only unlocker can help


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        Originally posted by jairsq92
        Hi When I try to unlock the phone it appears an error message "Unknown error (375)" What I must do now?

        Can you help me with the refund? or is there another way to unlock? HUAWEI P20 LITE ANE-LX3 when you think you can unlock the bootloader?

        My username is jairsq92

        Thank you.
        DC-unlocker client software can't do ANYTHING for bricked mobile. I can only forward 3 refund requests out of your 4 that you done. FRP erase guide clearly says on top that it's only for fully working devices...
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