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dc unlocker credit ?????

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  • dc unlocker credit ?????

    Hi guys
    I ask for light on the credits I purchased for a FRP and temp fastboot unlock my credits are 0 because in fact it is a prefix.

    Check account status

    User: ginosboogie
    Credits left: 0

    I state that the purchase of the credits is successful if it is necessary to have photos of the credits purchased help thx guys

    P.S two
    ok since I don't answer any questions I close the tread and I open contentious with paypal for not having used such credits thanks to all and good luck
    Last edited by ginosboogie; 2019-07-14, 03:11 PM.
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    Credits were not added because your payment is refunded.
    Your payment is refunded, because you use unverified paypal account. For security reasons our system automatically refunds payment from unverified paypal accounts. You need to contact paypal and verify your account. Then our system will not refund your payment


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      ok thanks for the answer I didn't know this thing
      thanks for the reply, that's fine, so I'll try again to buy the credits again, hoping that they will be successful