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Factory Reset Protection Erase Start - Fastboot Command Fail,

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  • Factory Reset Protection Erase Start - Fastboot Command Fail,

    fastboot command fail and phone is still locked on Huawei Mate 8 NXT AL and i lost all my 15 credits,given up on Huawei phones, i want a refund ,my ID is harpreeth87

    DC - Unlocker 2 Client 1.00.1428

    Detecting phone :

    selection :
    manufacturer - Huawei phones
    model - Auto detect (recommended)

    Found Phone : HUAWEI NXT-AL10
    Model : Huawei phone in fastboot mode
    IMEI : 868407026135069
    Serial NR. : 23Q7N16415000309
    Firmware : NXT-AL10
    FB LockState: LOCKED
    USER LockState: LOCKED
    Battery state: 4236mv
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    Doesn't show any error on our side during unlock time. I suspect you've used thise service for wrong purpose. You may want to look at frp erase guide to understand what it does and what it doesn't


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      sorry my bad,i thought it will unlock the bootloader,,is there any way i can get the bootloader code??,well the phone is still lock and im unable to flash anything without getting this error..i even got this error when my bootloader was unlocked before

      * daemon not running. starting it now on port 5037 *
      * daemon started successfully *
      < waiting for any device >
      target reported max download size of 471859200 bytes
      sending 'recovery' (1 KB)...
      OKAY [ 0.003s]
      writing 'recovery'...
      FAILED (remote: Command not allowed)
      finished. total time: 0.015s

      finished. total time: 0.022s

      is there any solution for this problem?? it will be a great help...sorry for the inconvinence


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        I can only add credits back to your account since i trust you misused the services. There is no way to unlock bootloader from software, but maybe this will put you on right track


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          alright thanks mate cheers