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    Hello, I've bought 15 credits in order to unlock my Huawuei PSmart 2018.
    I've bought 4 credits but then I got a message saying that I needed 15, so I've bought 11 more credits.
    Unfortunately it doesn't work (when I try to unlock I get Error code 357) and if I try to red bootloader code I get "Not supported/unknown chipset!" message.
    I have read too late that the program doesn't work with android 9, so I guess there is no solution for now.
    I'm asking you for a full refund.
    The usename is mugheds.
    Thank you very much and best regards.

    Edit: This morning I've come back to Android but I got the same error messages.
    Is there something else I can do?
    Last edited by mugheds; 2020-01-06, 09:59 AM.

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    I can only check for refund of remaining 7 credits that are in your account at the moment.


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      I have managed to come back to and the phone has been recognized. I have clicked on the unlocked button and it seems it has worked. I also have extracted the bootloader code. This is the reason why the credits (8) has been used. I'm going to flash the stock rom now (I still don't know if it will work, but I'll let you know).


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        So should i check for refund of those remaining credit or you still plan to use them further?


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          I'm not planning to use any more credits because I don't have any other huawei device (and I won't have in the future!), so I'll be grateful if you can refund the 7 remaining credits. Thank you very much!


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            Refund for remaining credits now completed.


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              Thanlk you very much!!
              Best regards,