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    Hi, i try 01.03.2020 unlock bootloader Honor 7 username: ewzen. 8 + 4 credits, first attempt was a mistake /unlock phone, not bootloader/, second attempt write OK unlock, but bootloader not unlock. is possible send bootloader code or refund 4 credit for new attempt? thanks
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    Sadly can't return for something that was successfully provided/completed, it's not our fault that you do not read labels of buttons or do not understand what they do - ask before spending please or read tutorials on website.


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      I also have problems with Unlock Bootloader.
      I had to pay 2 times, 4 EUR each time with the username bl19539 and bl19540
      For the first time, I followed the instructions at and lost 4 EUR.
      But it turns out I lost money unfairly because my phone was not locked.
      I have to pay the 2nd time to follow the instructions to succeed.

      I hope that you should have a check in advance to see if your phone is locked to avoid losing customers' money. Thank you.


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        Lesson learnt hopefully, follow instructions added in same email as account details and you won't need to spend money on something that you do not need. We can not refund for service was provided as we do not run on thin air, everything requires resources. Ask before using if unsure.