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please refund, frp unlock is not working

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  • please refund, frp unlock is not working

    Hello, i tried several times to unlock my huawei phone, but it is not working, now all my credits are gone.
    would you please refund me, i payed today with paypal 1x 5 euro and 1x 10 euro to my account cawa90 same email like in this account

    thank you

    DC - Unlocker 2 Client 1.00.1431

    Detecting phone :

    selection :
    manufacturer - Huawei phones
    model - Auto detect (recommended)

    Found Phone : ELE-L29
    Model : Huawei phone in fastboot mode
    Serial NR. : XPH0219319026108
    Firmware : ELE-L29
    FB LockState: LOCKED
    USER LockState: LOCKED
    Battery state: 3888mv

    ================================================== =================

    Factory reset protection Erase start

    Fastboot command fail!

    ================================================== =================

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    Please show me where you saw on our website that your phone is supported for any service at all and i will check for refund.


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      on that page first entry 'All Huawei phones factory codes'
      if you write all huawei phones that includes mine..

      in the faq:

      "How do I know, that my modem is supported and is it locked?

      You can download the software and detect the modem before buying credits. The software will show the lock status. If the software won't give message, that modem is not supported, then everythingis OK. It is even recommended for all to check before buying."

      i checked that first before i buyed credits, it showes me my model and serial number, so i thought i'm able to unlock my phone with this information

      'Refund can be done if problem can not be solved only.'

      if you know another way to unlock my phone, i am not averse to trying again with your help.


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        Factory codes has nothing to do with you pressing FRP erase button - which does not give any code. In any case for refund you need to provide at least your user name.


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          my username is cawa90, i thought that it works with the frp erase.


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            Refund now completed.