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  • Refund

    Good afternoon, I need to downgrade my system to an older version, but it does not work on my device.

    refund please

    My user: rmedive92

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    Need more information, what is current version of firmware in device and what is the version of of firmware you are trying to downgrade to. What file(s) are you using for downgrade. Maybe you could add a screenshot with your flashing/downgrade attempt with error visible.


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      Huawei P20 Lite ANE-LX1 (C432E6R1P7)

      My phone gets stuck in the Huawei logo and only allows me to access the FastBoot and via test point. I have tried with the different methods offered by DC-Phoneix, first downgrade via rescue recovery and the ones shown in this thread .

      Most of them started correctly but got stuck when entering recovery, or when they quit, or sometimes they said it was complete but there was really no change.


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        Ok so you answered only half the questions, won't be able to help from that.
        Please do this:
        1. Restart DC-Phoenix.
        2. Press CTRL+L
        3. Select firmware and flash
        4. After unsuccessful flashing close DC-phoenix
        5. Open directory where DC-phoenix software is placed in
        6. Look for .dgtkl file there, send it to me, please