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  • credit missing

    I just signed up and 1st time user still trying to figure this out completely, i d/l and purchased 29 credits to IMEI repair my nighthawk mr1100, I was having a hard time getting it to stay connected and connect to the server to complete the repair. I was able to get it find the modem and was able to update band list, but not get the IMEI to repair. Then system crashed and when i logged back into try it again it says i have no credit to complete the repair. Please advise on how to fix my account so i can try again or what the next step is thank

    username cmfisher75

    thanks for any help,

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    after more digging on what happen i think i figured it out, Can this be fixed without paying again? Thanks

    Warning: If you use this service and afterwards try to repair IMEI for same device it will ask to pay again!

    If you repair IMEI first and then use this service then it won't!


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      Credits now added back.