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i want my mony back

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  • i want my mony back


    I bought the license 5 hours ago and my user name bl24777

    the hcu-client doesn't work and I tried to get into the website from another device and the other application given to me the account locked to another pc.

    plz, give me my money back.

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    What doesn't work exactly? There are no pc locks on it right now.


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      Hey sir

      yes sir now it's not locked but before today it was and u can check
      I bought the license on Friday and wasn’t work and today its start to work and is still 4 hour for my license so I did not even use my license until now … and I tried to use it now it doesn’t work to me .. my device Huawei y9s meddle east … I just want to unlock bootloader …plz help me
      When I downloaded and bought the license u said if it's not work refund is allowed.


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        sir plz answer my question

        why ur not helpful and ignoring me in the live chat


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          License has been extended as mentioned on live support. Firmwares provided, even if e are not supposed to assist with it. Alternatives provided of what to do when firmwares do not help in your situation - downgrade to android 9/9.1 via hisuite. No new logs visible on your user after new firmwares were provided to try out.