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  • Refund Request

    I purchased credits this afternoon just to find out that my modem isn't supported yet. My user id is: tami5601 and I purchased 29 credits using my paypal account. Purchase was made on 8/25/2021. Please advise.

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    What is your device? Why not check supported models before purchase? You are just wasting money like that
    Refund is available, but due to changes in policy by PayPal regarding refunds, taxes are applied. If you see no use in those remaining credits we can do a refund, but you should be aware that refunded amount will be less than you paid because of these changes. Please let me know your decision.


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      The model before the one I have is supported so I just assumed mine was supported. My mistake. I read in the forum there is no plan to support the model I have (Netgear Nighthawk MR5100). So I feel like I need a refund for the entire amount since you can't provide the service I purchased. Very sad because I was really happy to use your service but now am very disappointed.


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        As mentioned and as per user agreement refund possible only after taxes if payment was done via paypal, if you do not agree I can't proceed.