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  • Latest Issue for B933

    The problem I encountered is that, every time I attempt to open B933 the response to the dashboard of DC - unlocker 2 client 1.00.0738 is "No Passsword" and "No Username" I typed my junior account in the box thinking that this tutorial is free but the same will respond to "wrong username" and "wrong password". What does this mean? and what is the proper procedure of how to open line this B933? What is the legitimate username and password to open line the B933?
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    B933 Unlocking

    Every time I attempted to open B933 the error displayed is "Error 60" and "Error 64" Please help what is the proper procedure to open this B933. This is the only modem that I have now


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      Username and password for DC-Unlocker software you will get after you buy credits. You can buy credits here:

      It will cost you 10 credits to unlock this modem.