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E3276 bricked - how to unbrick

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  • E3276 bricked - how to unbrick


    I tried to upgrade firmware to my E3276 LTE modem

    info before update was:
    Found modem : B710S0
    Model : Huawei E3276
    Firmware :
    Compile date / time : Apr 17 2013 16:33:55
    Hardware ver. : CH1E3276SM
    Dashboard version : UTPS23.
    Chipset : HiSilicon
    SIM Lock status : unlocked
    Wrong codes entered : 0 (unlock attempts left : 10)

    I tried to put
    Firmware update started normaly, updated normaly, update give me result OK
    But after firmwre update, modem ist not recognized anymore!
    Not by router, not by win xp and not by win 7.
    Computer only find Huawei CD rom (not readable) when i plug modem to usb port. No other USB or COM ports.

    Green light blinking, if i put provider card into modem, light start from green blinking to blue (UMTS and LTE signal is found).

    How to unbrick this modem?
    Any way to fix?
    Please for help.

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    Unfortunately but dc-unlocker does not have solution to repair devices that were damaged during firmware update process, check if it is possible to update back to original one.


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      Tried with original, but e3276 is not recognized, so original firmware wait for modem - and after ca 30sec. i get error 10 - communication port not found.
      So im looking for info how to flash it other way.


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        Originally posted by palicaj View Post
        Tried with original, but e3276 is not recognized, so original firmware wait for modem - and after ca 30sec. i get error 10 - communication port not found.
        So im looking for info how to flash it other way.
        Then sorry, we won't be able to help in this situation. You might want to try to take it to local gsm shop to check it if it could be restored.


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          which firmware did u updated ???


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            E3276 bricked

            I am having the same problem, when i tried to update my firmware to it updated succesfully. but now it is not eveen making a com port so that I can reflash it to previous verson of it...


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              @user dont update firmware stating with v22
              .bcoz its hilink e3276 modem firmware ..huawei have release 2 type of same model number one is normal e3276 and other is hilink e3276 wic firmware start with v22 so beware ...i also hve done this mistake and destroy my modem


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                @ palicaj i need ur help

                e3286 Firmware :

                this firmware u have before so i just want a information about ur e3276 dongle....that this firmware support RAS And NDIS option ?? [img][img/]
                see the screen short if u remember not

                .bcos i want to flash this firmware to my e3276 normal modem
                and this firmware can unlock by algo unlock code ???? can i use any other provider sim ??? in this firmware e3286 Firmware : ?? i got this firmware and want to flash

                so pls reply im waiting for ur reply
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                  Sorry, wrong link, now itīs correct, forget my two older posts.
                  I tried this:
                  Install, then
                  download Hi Link Update:
                  Update, it returns with an error, but after this I was able to upgrade the firmware, I took Huawei E3276s-150 Swisscom from
        , now itīs back!
                  The Dashboard you can update too afterwards, here is a link for elisa dashboard,:
                  Never update any non hilink e 3276 dongle that has a firmware beginning with 21. to any firmware beginning with 22.
                  21. ... are non hilink,. 22. ... are hilink versions!


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                    where r u from ?
                    Can u show me ur status of ur moden 3276 by deduct dc unlocker software, or give me ur gmail id,


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                      status dc unlocker

                      Hi, I live in Brazil, my 3276 is a 3276s-500 non hilink version, but you can upgrade firmware to any e3276 version as long as it is beginning with 21. for non hilink version.
                      Supported Frequencies DONīT change with firmware, I flashed on my 500 a 150 firmware and itīs still a 500 with supported frequencies of a 500 version (LTE Frequencies supported: B2 B4 B5 B7, UMTS: 850, 1900 2100)
                      Modem is fairly cheap here, can find it on (ebay brazil) for ~ 55 Us Dollars.
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                        @gessler im from india

                        @gessler im from india and here price is to low i buyed it airtel e3276 rs1500 mean 25$ us dollar, and here 4g freq is 2300mhz and 3g freq 2100mhz, work and firmware doesnt change the frequency, and i replace my dead modem to new one and then i flashed 21.263.03 telia sweden firmware, and now all other provider sim are working

                        the screen short attachment u uploaded, its not your modem status lol , actualy i just want to knw about the firmware swiss switzerland wic u flashed, how it was working ? Stability gud speed ? Heating problem or not ? Dis conect problem or anythng u like to share about experiance bcoz i want to flash that firmware
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                          Thank you soo much!
                          I sucessfully un-bricked my E3276s-920.