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FRP unlock not working, money wasted! READ HERE!

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  • FRP unlock not working, money wasted! READ HERE!

    What is FRP lock?
    -FRP lock is Factory Reset Protection - Google account sign in request on boot up screen!
    FRP erase service WON'T remove Huawei ID and won't change FRP lock status on fastboot screen!

    I need Google account removal from boot up screen, how do i proceed?
    -Full guide on FRP removal (Google account sign in removal) HERE for MTK phones HERE

    I need Huawei ID removal what to do?
    -Full guide on how to remove Huawei ID lock HERE

    How to change lock status of FRP on fastboot screen?
    -For this to work, phone must be working! Guide on how it's changed HERE. Not all phones has this option, in which case you may need to reflash to different firmware.
    If you see option "Enable OEM unlock", but it is not active (Grey colour) then one of the reasons why its so, because bootloader is unlocked! You need to lock it back so this option will become active.

    My phone is bricked. I thought it's possible to change FRP lock status in fastboot with FRP erase - now money wasted, nothing changed!
    -Nothing will change by doing FRP erase! In this case you need to repair the phone. Can use DC-phoenix tool for this purpose. Supported models and in what modes possible to flash them check HERE. To save yourself time, you can purchase new credits for using DC-phoenix, then, when possible contact DC-unlocker support, explain situation and provide details such as username. After review of the problem, Refund will be done for one of the purchases.
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