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New Vodafone K3565R unlock

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  • tomcake
    started a topic New Vodafone K3565R unlock

    New Vodafone K3565R unlock


    Can DC-Unlocker unlock the new Vodafone (UK) K3565R modem?

    Anyone know what Huawei model this modem actually is?


  • tomcake
    Unlocking Vodafone K3565 Refresh

    I’ve now bought a Vodafone ‘K3565 Refresh’ and below are a few observations.

    1) I’ve been unable to find any Huawei drivers that work with The K3565 Refresh. The Vodafone drivers are the only ones that work.
    2) Trying to unlock the K3565 Refresh with DC-Unlocker on Windows 7 causes a blue screen. I’ve tried this on two separate Windows 7 PC’s with the same result.
    3) Trying to update the dashboard or firmware just comes back with ‘data card can’t be found...Error code 2...’. The Vodafone drivers are installed and the modem is listed in Device Manager .
    4) Generating an unlock code using IMEI and entering with the cardlock_unlock utility comes back with ‘incorrect code’
    5) DC-Unlocker appears to successfully unlock the modem on Windows XP, I haven’t been able to validate it is really unlocked.

    DC - Unlocker 2 Client 1.00.0436
    Detecting card :
    selection :
    manufacturer - Huawei datacards
    model - Auto detect
    Found modem : K3565
    Model : Vodafone K3565
    IMEI : 359574030280250
    Firmware : 11.608.10.51.00
    Dashboard version : VMCLite_9.4.4.17702_RP86_Mac3.04.11.02
    Serial NR. : DX5TAA1020106586
    SIM Lock status : unlocked
    Voice feature : enabled
    Wrong codes entered : 0 (unlock attempts left : 10)

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  • Vincentas
    Could you try detecting this modem with dc-unlocker and write us here what is detected?

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