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3 connect version 3 dash board.

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  • 3 connect version 3 dash board.

    For those of you with the e156g or e1550 that have installed different dashboards and would like to return to the three connect dashboard it "is" possible ,

    First go to the broadband section on threes website then go to this page then go to setting up you broadband modem - modem drivers - 3 connect advanced tools, then download the 2.0 3 connect installer this will save to your computer not your dongle.

    Once the dashboard has been restored you need to click safely remove hardware for the mobile partner fake cd-rom drive (this will stop mobile partner running and connecting to the net).

    Once you are connected to the net with the three dashboard you will be prompted to upgrade to version 3 of the dashboard 9madatory upgrade) and you should download the update as this is what will restore 3 connect to your modem but "do not" run it just yet,

    Before you run it go to the birdstep technologies folder and save the .exe file from the update folder (the installer for three's new dashboard) to find it in xp unhide all files and go to local c/ documents and settings / all users/ application data/ once you find the installer file copy and paste it somewhere else as it will be deleted once the new dashboard is installed, now you have a copy to restore your dongle in the future or up[load for other users so they dont have to go through the whole proccess just described.

    Whilst your at it the three website has driver files for xp vista 7 mac linux snow leapard etc that can be downloaded, as well as a firmware upgrade designed to correct a glitch in the e160 where pages would randomly refuse to load and the lose connection , I can confirm that this firmware works and cures the same problem with the e156g as i hjave installed it myself.

    The e160 firmware update is fully compatable with the e156g and does not require a flash code to be entered niether does the dashboard update.

    you can also
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    If you have any trouble connecting afterwards uninstall 3 connect from the control panel and remove the dongle, then go into your program files and delete the 3 broadband folder as this is anold one and may cause problems.

    The three website does have a special uninstall tool for updateing the dashboard but i didn't use it, it is on the site along with the other software downloads it may make this last step unnecesary.

    my dongle is now running on
    firmware version 11.608.13.00.156
    and 3 connect version 3 with driver pack (includes windows seven support)


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      you may have to delete the old huawei modems folder too just to ensure there are no old drivers of anything left on your machine.

      please forgive the multiple post, i found this method by trial and error and keep remembering things that i had to do, but it does work.

      my download speed is now very good (real life 1.5Mbps in a poor reception area) and can now stream video and finish large file downloads without losing connection also 404 errors are no longer a problem and my google chrome browser now functions as it should not tried firefox yet but should be better too as i couldn't get that to function either before.