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Help me with DC-Phoenix + HCU timed license

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  • IndianStalker
    started a topic Help me with DC-Phoenix + HCU timed license

    Help me with DC-Phoenix + HCU timed license

    Okay so i purchased DC-Phoenix + HCU timed license for 3 days.
    So what i did was i login into dc phonex using my account and password which was emailed to me.
    and when i login my phone was not getting detected but it was charging ,so i simply exit the application and trying to figure out why is my phone not detected. i though if my phone is charging but there's no option to transfer files or anything maybe it wont detect on fast boot mode. so today i thought fu** it i will go fastboot mode and lets see what happens. so today i opened dc phonex and it says license expired.. but why i didn't flash anything or even touched any feature in it .. i just login with my account . i thought that it will start its timed time license for 3 days if i tried flashing anything or touch any of their features in dc phonex... please help me out. i wanted to talk to someone in live chat but when i went online the live chat is offline so i am making a post right now.. and sorry my main language is not english. please help me what to do . my father will be disappointed

  • Valdemaras
    Any chance we get to know your username on software?

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