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P20 lite Eternal Bootloop of Despair & Forlorn

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  • P20 lite Eternal Bootloop of Despair & Forlorn

    Hey hey

    I just wanted to find out before I make a purchase if this issue is even possible to fix.

    P20 lite ANE-LX1C432

    Phone is stuck in a boot loop that just goes from off to error mode (pic attached)

    Func No: 15 (bl31 image)
    Error No: 1 (security verify failed)

    ó FRP is unlocked
    ó Bootloader is currently locked but I have a working unlock code (I locked it again manually when trying to flash back to stock)
    ó NOT recognised via USB
    ó Phone CANNOT enter Fastboot NOR Recovery/Erecovery. Again it Cannot. It ONLY reboots and goes to error mode then reboots again after 15 flashes of the LED (3 Red, 3 Green 5 times). Iíve run the battery down (even removed it) nothing.
    ó This loop started after I locked the bootloader and it restarted to do the factory wipe that usually happens when locking or unlocking. It seems to be in an eternal attempt at wiping itself, hence no fastboot or recovery options (Iím guessing)

    Other than that, phones perfect. Iíve stripped it down in hopes of finding a test point but no luck so far. Have pics of all contact points if needed.

    Hoping this may be the place who knows how to help.

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    No, sorry, repair not possible via our software.