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Huawei E5575s - 210

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  • Huawei E5575s - 210

    Hi, i would like to know if E5575s - 210 is supported for unlock and how make it?

    Thank you
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    Need to know firmware/software that it runs.


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      Nome dispositivo:: E5575s--210
      IMEI:: 866887022180627
      IMSI:: 222992401089577
      Versione hardware:: CL2E5573SM
      Versione softwarre:: 21..200..09..00..12
      Versione WebUII:: 17..100..06..07..12
      Indirizzi MAC:: DC::EE::06::BF::A8::64


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        Yes, this one is supported for direct unlock from dc-unlocker client.


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          How should I proceed to unlock it? Thanks


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            1. Connect modem to pc
            2. Wait till all drivers install from the modem
            3. Install dashboard (connection software, if it has one). After installation make sure it is not running in the background
            4. Launch DC-Unlocker software
            5. Open server tab, enter username and password received after credits purchase (you can buy them here) and click Check login button
            6. If DC-Unlocker/Rocker/Vygis or Infinity dongle is connected only click Check login button
            7. Select manufacturer: Huawei modems, model leave as Auto detect (recommended)
            8. Click Detect button - big magnifying glass icon
            9. Wait till modem is fully detected
            10. Proceed to Unlocking tab and click Unlock button
            11. After message appears that device was unlocked successfully reconnect it to pc


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              How many credits I need?


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                Need 7 credits.


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                  DC Unlocker doesn't auto detect my huawey modem. wHAT can I do?


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                    If you can not detect modem, check this:
                    Make sure all drivers are installed or whatever else comes in device's drive (Drivers are needed only when device appears in device manager with “!” or “?” marks)
                    Make sure device is visible in device manager
                    Make sure modem’s connection software/WEBUI/Dashboard is installed, but not running. (if there is one)
                    Use Autodetect on DC-unlocker “select model” line.
                    Make sure modem is not connected to internet.

                    Make sure device’s gateway/IP does not duplicate with active adapter


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                      DC Unlocker doesn't auto detect my huawey modem. I can't set modem on COM3 what can I do?


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                        Originally posted by Emanuele View Post
                        DC Unlocker doesn't auto detect my huawey modem. I can't set modem on COM3 what can I do?
                        You can let us know what firmware version it runs.


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                          Nome diisspossiittiivvo:: E5575ss--210
                          IIMEII:: 866887022180627
                          IIMSII:: 222992401089577
                          Numerro delllla SIIM:: Scconosscciiutto
                          Verrssiione harrdwarre:: CL2E5573SM
                          Verrssiione ssoffttwarre:: 21..200..09..00..12
                          Verrssiione WebUII:: 17..100..06..07..12
                          IIndiirriizzzzii MAC:: DC::EE::06::BF::A8::64
                          IIndiirriizzzzo IIP WAN:: Scconosscciiutto


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                            Make screenshot of device manager with your device visible there.