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P9 LITE can't open Project Menu() to unlock bootloader

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  • P9 LITE can't open Project Menu() to unlock bootloader

    I'm also stuck in NRD90M test-keys... with a locked bootloader.... and no custom recovery...
    I had already unlocked my bootloader, but forgot my bootloader code and will try the DC-Unlocker way.
    With this method:

    But when I dial this number: *#*#2846579#*#* it doesn't show anything!!! So I can't go to Project Menu to change the USB port settings...

    This step is needed for the DC-Unlocker program finds my device (Huawei P9 Lite VNS-L31) and give me the unlock code for bootloader....

    So what can I do to access Project Menu on my phone to change the USB port settings? Or to the DC-Unlocker knows what is my device....

    Waiting for an a answer,

    Rafael Francisco
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    Hello, you should try to reset your mobile first and then try to repeat steps for accessing project menu, otherwise it is firmware malfunction and without reflashing it this could not be fixed.