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App doesn't find phone even though drivers OK Y635-L01

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  • App doesn't find phone even though drivers OK Y635-L01


    I need some help with Dc-unlocker, and also, HCU software:

    1. Dc-unlocker can't find my Huawei y635 when Manufacturer Mode ON, but it works on Fastboot mode.

    2. HCU doesn't load. An error appears, "doesn't support virtual machines".
    I'm not using virtual machine, I've deactivated Hyper-V, virtualization and BIOS virtualization options, but it still appears same error.
    I'm at latest Windows 10 x64

    I only needed to read my bootloader code, so I created a new account and bought enough credits (more than 10eur).

    Phone is Huawei Y635-l01
    User on dcunlock mtxxi

    Please, I thank if anyone can help me.

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    You need 4 credits to read bootloader code. If phone does not have com port while in manufacture mode can stop attempting to detect it and investigate why it does not appear on your computer correctly. Virtual machine warning may appear when tools related to functions on machine.