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Huawei P20 Pro data partition severely corrupted

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  • Huawei P20 Pro data partition severely corrupted

    My Huawei P20 Pro fell on the floor and the screen broke. The new screen arrived and I'm having a problem now. When I turn on the phone EMUI eRecovery appears and it says "Data partition severely corrupted. To reset your device, please format the data partition." I have the options to shutdown or format data partition. When I try to format data partition the phone gives me an error. Since the phone doesn't have a microsd card slot I tired using a a usb thing that holds the microsd card and an otg cable to connect everything so I can update the phone but that didn't work, I also tried formatting the microsd card in exFAT but that also didn't work. I tried connecting the phone to my pc a couple of times and it only worked once (the phone can charge just fine) and when I tried looking what the phone has on it with file explorer there was literally nothing on it and I couldn't move anything in it.