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HUAWEI P9 EVA-L09 Bricked

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  • HUAWEI P9 EVA-L09 Bricked

    Hello guys,

    Recently my Huawei P9 EVA-L09 kind of stopped working the screen, it blinks and goes black, both at boot and while it is on, and sometimes it worked for a few seconds, but now it doesn't work anymore.
    I saw in some forums that it may be the phone's cache that is full, but I can't clean it because the screen looks like this. And even if she wasn't, a few months ago I tried to root my phone, but the TWRP switch went wrong and he kind of is out of TWRP. But the Bootloader is unlocked.

    So I found Method 2 in this DC-Unllocker tutorial:

    And this tutorial in XDA forum about how to unbrick the EVA-L09 with DC-Phoenix:

    So before I buy the "DC-Phoenix + HCU timed license", I need to ask if I am on the right track and can it probably solve my problem, or am I on the wrong track?
    I ask because I am not very familiar with this area!

    There is also this thread on the XDA forum, but it needs an SD card (which I don't have):

    And this thread that uses the Test Piont, but i've never use something like that, so I'm not so sure:

    And if you knows any other tutorial that can help me better I'm fully open to accept help!
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    You should try from method 1 to begin the repair.