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Tried to unlock MediaPad M3 BAH-W09

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  • Tried to unlock MediaPad M3 BAH-W09

    Dear Hotline, dear DC Unlocker team,
    after having read that in principle i should be able to obtain an bootloader unlock code for my Huawei MediaPad M3 Lite 10 using DC-Unlocker i have purchased
    first 4 credits to make it work. Whenever i tried to retrieve either bootloader code or bootloader unlock code it said "invalid command". Finally i tried "Erase Huawei ID" which said i have not sufficient credits so i bought 11 credits more because i thought this may do the trick. Unfortunately, even this attempt didn't work out as expected (unlocking my device) but even if not succeded (no response) took all my credit as you can see from the attached log of DC-Unlocker.

    As my ultimate goal is to unlock my MediaPad in order to equip it with TWRP and put a custom ROM like Lineage OS on the Tab (see ) is there any way to get it work and get this nasty unlock key for my device. If not would you please be so kind and refund the 15 credits i was spending for nothing?

    Thanks for any advice / help in advance


    User Account: fkramer, Paypal:
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    Any help on that one ?


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      So many wrongs done looking from your log and explanation, pressing anything you see... who does that. I added back your credits, try to detect your device as usually in manufacture mode and press read bootloader code only, without pressing Huawei id.


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        Fair point Valdemaras but i tried at least 50 times the other options before. My device is Mediapad M3 Lite BAH-W09, are you sure there is a way to success ? It always says "invalid command". The Device is set to manufacture mode and the entries in the Hardware manager are double checked always. The only think that may make a difference is, that the i don't run Windows natively but through KVM and SPICE. If you really think that makes a difference or differently said increases the likelihood of success i'll give it a try. Thanks for adding back the credits!


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          If you are running windows on virtual machine then it is definitely not the way to go. Do you have access to any pc that runs windows by default?


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            One last machine is remaining. I really hate Windows, but this shouldn't be your problem. I'll give it a try and let you know. Best


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              Okay, will wait for the news then.