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Huawei P9 EVA-L09 help needed

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  • Huawei P9 EVA-L09 help needed

    Hi DC-Unlocker Team and Forum Members,

    need help for update the OEMINFO to recover my Phone.
    Before there was a C636B190 and so stupid as i was i have flashed the Rollback -.-
    So now i want to install a german stock rom and i don't know what to write in the country.

    Method 1 not worked because phone does'nt get in the upgrade mode.

    Can anybody help me?
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    Write what firmware is now on the phone, and what are you trying to do? Ways to flash oeminfo are very simple. But you need to know more information about the phone.


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      Hi gsmgeo, thanks for your reply. At the moment i have made it to revive my Phone. I have tried to change location because C636 is in Taiwan and here in Germany are no OTA updates. After i have flashed the Phone with the Board-Software i was able to Flash a new B190 Image.

      This thread can be closed.