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NOVA 3 PAR-LX1 imei repair problem

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  • NOVA 3 PAR-LX1 imei repair problem

    New IMEI 1 : 869462034047516
    New downgrade/customization limitations : UNLOCKED
    2020-05-29 19:25:59.433 Connecting to server...
    2020-05-29 19:25:59.598 Connected!
    BOOTLOADER selected to update:Kirin970_T2_A8.0_V3
    2020-05-29 19:26:00.525 Downloading bootloader...
    2020-05-29 19:26:00.533 Find device COM29, handle 11556
    FILE TO download: Kirin970_T2_A8.0_V3_3.dtwork
    downloading file Kirin970_T2_A8.0_V3_3.dtwork...
    2020-05-29 19:26:02.522 Success
    FILE TO download: Kirin970_T2_A8.0_V3_4.dtwork
    downloading file Kirin970_T2_A8.0_V3_4.dtwork...
    2020-05-29 19:26:03.508 Success
    FILE TO download: Kirin970_T2_A8.0_V3_5.dtwork
    downloading file Kirin970_T2_A8.0_V3_5.dtwork...
    2020-05-29 19:27:23.668 Success
    2020-05-29 19:27:23.679 Bootloader write success!
    2020-05-29 19:27:23.682 Waiting for device REMOVAL/INSERTION...
    2020-05-29 19:27:29.919 Device ready!
    2020-05-29 19:27:30.058 Found fastboot device: 0123456789ABCDEF
    2020-05-29 19:27:30.125 Reading info...
    2020-05-29 19:27:31.228 Read signed IMEI FAIL!
    2020-05-29 19:27:33.792 Missing signed files in secure partition!
    2020-05-29 19:27:33.797 Done!

    Fastboot provided info:
    Model: PAR-LX1
    Firmware: PAR-LGRP2-OVS
    MEID: 00000000000000
    Bootloader FB lock: unlocked
    Bootloader User lock: locked
    CPU: kirin970

    Found NV data:
    Modems: 3
    IMEI1: 869462034047516
    IMEI2: 869462034056160
    IMEI3: 000000000000000
    PESN: 00000000
    MEID: 00000000000000

    Found OEM data:
    Model: PAR-L21
    Firmware: PAR-LX1
    Rescue: rescue:Chipset-boston
    Vendor: hw
    Country: eu
    Version limitation: OFF
    Bootloader User lock: locked
    RD mode: OFF
    Phone ID: 962A05D3E8842AE
    2020-05-29 19:27:38.417 Repairing...
    2020-05-29 19:27:38.442 Missing IMEI files in secure partition!

    please help!

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    Probably need modem_secure partition to be reflashed for imei repair to work. This process could further damage the device, and even if flash successful phone may not work normally/fully functional. if you would like to try flashing it regardless, then please let us know about it, we will provide file for attempt.


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      It's already not fully functional, but now I'm affraid my 3 day license is running out. Please provide this file. Maybe it's not to late.


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        modem_security.dgtks select it on dc-phoenix to flash it from fastboot. Keep in mind what i've mentioned - this process can damage mobile unrepairably and you should not continue if phone holds any sort of value to you.