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MediaPad T3 10 AGS-L09 dead

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  • MediaPad T3 10 AGS-L09 dead

    I flashed AGS-L09 with
    AGS-L09_C199B002_Firmware_Saudi_Arabia_Cameroon_Jordan _Qatar_Ghana_Nonspecific_Android7.0_EMUI5.1.APP

    DC Phoenix

    Standard update
    Not Reboot NOT cheked
    Update Verlist to server on file load NOT checked
    Try Rescue Recovery NOT checked
    Bypass version check checked
    Old slow algo NOT checked

    Looking for a device in upgrade mode
    No devices detected in upgrade mode
    Device found: WUKNU19120100925

    11/11/2020 03:50:38 PM Starting to write device in FASTBOOT mode...

    Looking for a device in fastboot mode
    Device found: WUKNU19120100925

    Getting IMEI...
    Getting build number...
    Getting model ...
    Getting battery state...
    Getting backdoor info...
    Getting lock state info...
    Getting lock boot info...

    Build number: AGS-L09C233B293
    Model: AGS-L09
    Vendor/Country: dualcu/cn
    Battery state: 3699mv
    OEM lock state info:
    user Lock state is lock

    fbLock state is lock

    OEM get bootinfo:

    Image is origin

    Verify mode is enforcing

    Check root info is safe

    Lock state is lock

    Root State: UNROOT


    Process identifier:28507711

    Erasing ver .. .
    Getting lock state info...
    Getting backdoor info...
    Cannot get FBlock info from device
    Trying to unlock device...

    Signing process may take few minutes

    Trying to get data from server
    Waiting in queue for signing service. Expected time 4 second(s) to get data from server

    Trying to get data from server
    Unlock process finished successfully

    Erasing ver .. .

    Extracting partition RPM...
    Writing RPM partition
    RPM partition update ...OK

    Extracting partition TZ...
    Writing TZ partition
    TZ partition update ...OK

    Extracting partition SBL1...
    Writing SBL1 partition
    SBL1 partition update ...OK

    Extracting partition APDP...
    Writing APDP partition
    APDP partition update ...OK

    Extracting partition MSADP...
    Writing MSADP partition
    MSADP partition update ...OK

    Extracting partition MODEM...
    Writing MODEM partition
    MODEM partition update ...OK

    Extracting partition DSP...
    Writing DSP partition
    DSP partition update ...OK

    Extracting partition CMNLIB...
    Writing CMNLIB partition
    CMNLIB partition update ...OK

    Extracting partition KEYMASTER...
    Writing KEYMASTER partition
    KEYMASTER partition update ...OK

    Extracting partition CMNLIB64...
    Writing CMNLIB64 partition
    CMNLIB64 partition update ...OK

    Extracting partition MDTP...
    Writing MDTP partition
    MDTP partition update ...OK

    Extracting partition DEVCFG...
    Writing DEVCFG partition
    DEVCFG partition update ...OK

    Extracting partition LKSECAPP...
    Writing LKSECAPP partition
    LKSECAPP partition update ...OK

    Extracting partition ABOOT...
    Writing ABOOT partition
    ABOOT partition update ...OK

    Extracting partition RECOVERY...
    Writing RECOVERY partition
    RECOVERY partition update ...OK

    Extracting partition ERECOVERY...
    Writing ERECOVERY partition
    ERECOVERY partition update ...OK

    Extracting partition SYSTEM...
    Erasing SYSTEM partition
    Partition SYSTEM erased
    Writing SYSTEM partition
    sending sparse file 528271124 bytes
    Waiting for answer...
    send sparse file OK
    sending sparse file 524826168 bytes
    Waiting for answer...
    send sparse file OK
    sending sparse file 529128592 bytes
    Waiting for answer...
    send sparse file OK
    sending sparse file 506989988 bytes
    Waiting for answer...
    send sparse file OK
    sending sparse file 512771788 bytes
    Waiting for answer...
    send sparse file OK
    sending sparse file 277794516 bytes
    Waiting for answer...
    send sparse file OK
    SYSTEM partition update ...OK

    Extracting partition CACHE...
    Erasing CACHE partition
    Partition CACHE erased
    Writing CACHE partition
    CACHE partition update ...OK

    Extracting partition BOOT...
    Writing BOOT partition
    BOOT partition update ...OK

    Extracting partition USERDATA...
    Erasing USERDATA partition
    Partition USERDATA erased
    Writing USERDATA partition
    USERDATA partition update ...OK
    Software written
    11/11/2020 03:59:03 PM Writing device finished OK

    Waiting for fastboot device...

    USB Device REMOVAL
    Type: @oem67.inf,%hwfastboot%;Android Sooner Single ADB Interface
    VidPid: VID_18D1&PID_D00D
    Instance id: 5&d975007&0&2

    No devices detected in fastboot mode

    after that when i press power button or connect charger , tab only vibrate

    i opened it and found testpoint and i short it to ground , now computer detect it as qualcomm device , when i try flash it again dc-phonex say no device found

    any help in that device

    best regards

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    You can only flash it with board software/firmware file while connected via testpoint.


    • #3
      i tried with this file
      AGS-L09C500B003_Board Software_general_7.0.0_r1_EMUI5.0_05022EXP.APP
      but program not detect there is phone connected


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        Please send screenshot of what you see in device manager when connected via testpoint and what does dc-phoenix say when you attempt to flash it.


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          • #6
            Your device is qualcomm based, this version of it is not flashable sadly as you can see in list which you ought to check before doing anything with the tool: