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  • Read Bootloade Code Problems

    Hey there!

    I'm trying to read the bootloader code of my huawei p9 (android 7).

    I followed the steps in the video tutorial for entering manufacturer mode and my phone looks like this:


    After starting the detection process the DC software does not collect the phone data shown in the video tutorial but shows that there's a Huawei phone detected on COM7.

    DC Unlocker_Versuch_04.10.2021.JPG

    Anyway, I tried to log in with my account but got the error "no connection to server". Then the software fails.
    I have already tried the process with firewall and antivirus shot down plus via another internet connection but unfortunately this does not help.

    Could you please help me find the problem?

    Thanks a lot!

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    It does not show data of your phone because of security patch, that doesn't matter though for service that you want to use. No blocks on you on our side for your user account, therefore problem somewhere on yours. Disconnect modem/router if there is any connected for unlock, Try disabling firewall and antivirus software temporary while trying to log in/unlock. Connection won't work if you use proxy or connect from VPN. If none of these things helped then only using different internet connection method may help.