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E585 won't stay connected

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  • E585 won't stay connected

    I have an E585 from 3 UK which I had unlocked by some very nice people at ********* (did it by post).

    It works fine initially, but I am finding that when going through a tunnel on the train, for example, the device cannot reconnect to the internet. Sometimes, even swapping between mobile cells disconnects - so it disconnected four times while I was on a bus in central London. The only way I can resolve it is to restart the E585; or turn it to manual connection mode and click "connect" every so often.

    I have software version 1026.; I've contacted 3 but received no reply.

    Is this normal for this modem? Is there a software upgrade I can get which might resolve it?

    I emailed Huawei but they just said take it to 3 - who will, I'm sure, say the warranty is invalid because I had it unlocked.
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