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  • back to basic!!

    hi all im new here 1st timer thats right a nood
    my Q is can anybody help
    i wont to turn my huawie e160g dongle thats on the 3network back to normal not the mob partner program (is it the inerface ) i dont no i used a program mob/partner that wiped what ever was on the dongle and now i wont to get the 3 program back (as my dongle will not pick up 3g at work anymore) is there such a file out there ? if not do i have to put the dongle in the microwave kill it and tell the man in the shop its broke !! so i get a new one OR is the any settings i can use that will give me 3g all the time NOT gprs as its to slow
    thanks for looking

    and thanks nc unlock all works well apart from 3g bit
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    Are you using unbranded mobile partner?Yes you can have 3 dashboard again,but unbranded mobile partner should work with all the connections.Better check your connection (Network) settings.


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      going back

      hi thanks for getting back to me. yes i have mob partner from huawei i think its is working but i dont like it it keeps jumping to the stronger network eg orangewap or gprs and to me there no point in having it. its the same speed as my phone! and also now im not getting the full internet like msn mail. its working like it works on my n96 its like mobile msn. but in saying that i have just updated to the new software for the e160g from 3 (4/7/09) so it may be that ?. so now im looking for the file to take my dongle back to 3 dashboard and the file to downgrade my dongle if this is poss thanks foe looking wasp


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        3 Dahboard you can download here


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          going back

          Originally posted by Avantha View Post
          hi thanks for the reply again 1st i have that firmware on right now so i deleted mon partner pluged the dongle in and bang there again install mob partner to run it ??? iv been reading up all night and it dont look good for me i dont think you can go back once you have upgraded i have the old firmware and it pops up error & 3 codes my problem at the min is im not getting the full internet like full ebay or msn mail its just stuff you can get on you phone well if you can find anything let me know cheers

          ps take a look at this it makes a good read

          ( )