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E169 USB Modem few questions

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  • E169 USB Modem few questions

    hey just thought id come here and ask a few questions. basically this is the problem, my parents have been using the E169 USB Modem for a few months both are locked to o2. they have been paying a fortune so far and are looking for a cheaper solution. i stumbled across this site earlier and by the looks of things it sounds like this:
    i can unlock the modem so it can take any network
    then buy a o2 iphone sim with unlimited wifi access.
    so does that mean with the iphone sim its just one payment of 10 for life? or is that a month a week or what?
    also where can i get the sim i need? any help is great thanks
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    Yes you can unlock and use any sim you want,but no idea about the sim details.