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Trying to unlock H20 - Netgear 770s

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  • Trying to unlock H20 - Netgear 770s

    I purchased the Unlock software through CellCorner and they have referred me to you. I am NOT very technical but need to unlock this Hotspot!

    Hi, I have been referred to you by your sales people as I am trying to Unlock my Neatgear 770s. I purchased your software to do this but after several days we still have not been able to get it done.
    I saw a YouTube video where they actually picked Netgear from the left hand side pull down menu and then 770S as the model number.

    I have taken the 770s and attached the cable from the Router to my computer and attempted running the software and it just keeps coming back saying it can not find the router.

    I would appreciate any help you can give me. They refuse to get my money back so it is either unlock this unit or buy an unlocked router!

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    If you can not detect modem, check this:
    Make sure all drivers are installed or whatever else comes in device's drive
    Make sure device is visible in device manager
    Make sure modem’s connection software/WEBUI/Dashboard is installed, but not running. (if there is one)
    Use Autodetect on DC-unlocker “select model” line.
    Make sure modem is not connected to internet.


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      Hi, I have downloaded everything I can find and my computer now sees the Netgear 770s however when I run the DC -Unlocker it still does not find the 770s. What can I do now? Thank you!


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        Please add screenshot of device manager, need to check where your device appears there.


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          I responded to your email with the results: It showed up under DVD/CD Devices and under Universal Serial Bus Controllers. Under File explorer it shows up as a DVD/CD Device. The email has Print Screens and I was unable to find any reference to the device.


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            I have 770S sold by H2O. I wanted to unlock the hotspot to use in Canada. This thread did not give a complete answer but I gave it a try. The unlocking has been successfully done.