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aircard 779s unlock failed

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  • aircard 779s unlock failed

    I ran the unlock on my aircard 779s and the software says that it is unlocked, but it still does not work with my international sim. Outside of the dc unlocker software, nothing has changed! What do I do now?
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    Now you detect device on DC-unlocker and see it's lock status, if it shows locked you may repeat unlock for free with same account, if it shows as unlocked means problem is not related to device being locked. In such case might review profile settings for new operator sim card that you trying to use or contact carrier of that card to receive correct profile settings to set up for it to function. We are no professionals when it comes to connection issues, we just do unlock part.


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      it is totally true what the friend says the modem is left unlocked for 10min then launches a message on the screen that says please make sure you are using a simcard provaided by your provaided network. you restart it and wake it up for 10min. I want my credits back, first time I use this tool and I feel cheated