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    When I try to check account status it says, error connecting to server. After checking program crashes.

    There is no firewall, anti-virus, or program checking connections.

    Whatever is causing this must be what is causing me to get error code 62 when trying to unlock Sierra wireless Netgear aircard 778s.

    I'm using unlocker version 1403.

    Version 1396 does the same thing.
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    Check adapter binding settings

    If adapters do not solve connection problem check metrics:
    control panel > network and internet > network connections > Right click on your device that you want to unlock connection > Properties > Internet protocol (TCP/IPv4) > Properties > Advanced > IP settings > Uncheck "Automatic metric". Set Interface metric as "5". OK > OK > OK


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      I did what you suggested on the Netgear hotspot connection, and it detects the modem a lot quicker

      ================================================== =================

      DC - Unlocker 2 Client 1.00.1403

      Detecting modem :

      selection :
      manufacturer - SierraWireless/NETGEAR
      model - Auto detect (recommended)

      Found Applications port COM4

      Found modem : AirCard 778S
      Model : Netgear AirCard 778S
      IMEI : 357725050631507
      Serial NR. : FS419600460310
      Firmware : NTG9X15C_45.03.03.16
      Voice feature : disabled
      SIM Lock status : Locked (PH-NET PIN)

      ================================================== =================

      But when I try to check login I get

      Check account status

      Error connecting to server !

      So I tried unchecking metrics and setting value to 5 on my internet connection, like I did on the netgear connection, and it still won't connect to your servers.

      Then it crashes your program when I check login.

      I'm running your program on windows XP, if that helps.
      I don't have access to any other windows machine.
      I usually run Ubuntu linux if you have a linux version of your program.

      I just don't understand why your program won't connect to the Internet.
      I'm posting this on the same machine I'm running your program on.


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        Are you able to log in to server when your netgear device is disconnected from pc?


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          No.... When my netgear device is disconnected, it still doesn't log in.


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            Then your connection is not suitable for this service or computer's protection/settings prohibits it, if you can not find any way to connect i can only check for refund in your case, just let me know your username on software.


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              I give up. It seems like it will never connect, so I guess a refund would be the only thing to do. My username is russell997.


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                Originally posted by russell997 View Post
                I give up. It seems like it will never connect, so I guess a refund would be the only thing to do. My username is russell997.
                Refund now completed.


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                  Thank you very much. I'm checking on a way to get windows 10. When I do get it I'll make sure your program connects before buying credits.