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Problems unlocking Netgear MR1100

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  • Problems unlocking Netgear MR1100

    Hi, I am trying to unlock an AT&T Netgear MR1100. I have removed the SIM and set the interface metric to 5. I have the following issues:
    • dc-unlocker2client V1.00.1431 crashes on startup if Netgear MR1100 is connected to the USB port
    • dc-unlocker2client will start and check login without Netgear MR1100 connected
    • Connecting the MR1100 to the USB port after the dc-unlocker2client - able to auto detect the device
    • Selecting Network Unlock gets an error code 62, then the dc-unlocker2client crashes
    Any work arounds or fixes?

    Thanks, Rick

    DC-UNLOCKER - Network Unlock.png
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    It's connection priority problem, that's why you get all these problems.
    Check adapter binding settings
    If adapters do not solve connection problem check metrics:
    control panel > network and internet > network connections > Right click on your device that you want to unlock connection > Properties > Internet protocol (TCP/IPv4) > Properties > Advanced > IP settings > Uncheck "Automatic metric". Set Interface metric as "10". OK > OK > Close
    NETGEAR MR1100 setting:
    If that won't work need use command window to set connection order. A video explaining it (this is for wireless, lan connection little bit different)


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      Thanks, I will give it a try.