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I have a NETGEAR MBR1515L and need to change APN

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  • I have a NETGEAR MBR1515L and need to change APN

    Is there any way to change the APN in this router? I am trying to use it for my RV internet. The modem shows that it has 4G signal. But no internet connection. Is there a way to flash the firmware and possibly change the imei on them? I believe being able to change the APN would get me going.

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    You can't change the APN, it and other things are set by the SIM. I Read the Fine Manual that's how I know that.

    To manually configure your 4G LTE broadband Internet settings:1.Log in to the router as described in Log In to Your Router on page17.
    2.From the main menu, select Basic Setup > 4G LTE Broadband Settings.The following screen displays:
    Note:To connect to the 4G LTE network, an active broadband service
    account with Verizon is required. The user name, password, country,
    and Internet service provider elements are not writeable or
    changeable. These settings are selected and provided by default when a SIM card is inserted