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Fix IMEI ZTE MF91 (MF910) Maxis

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  • Fix IMEI ZTE MF91 (MF910) Maxis

    I have problems with the IMEI of my ZTE modem in my country, my modem does not register the SIM card. I've had a similar problem with a Netgear MR1100 that I solved with the DC-Unlocker tool, but with this ZTE I can't solve it. I have already tried to use the "ZTEQualcommWriter_v16" and "ZTEQualcommWriter_v17" tool without success.

    In version 16 the modem gives the following error:

    "Only 1 modem, selected to get information
    Getting information from the device ... ERROR "

    In version 17 it says "list index out of bounds (0)"

    When running on DC-Unlocker it identifies the modem, but I find no options to fix the IMEI

    Found modem : MF910
    Model : ZTE MF91
    IMEI : 864154026*****
    Firmware : BD_MAXISMF910V1.0.0B01
    Compile date / time : Jun 30 2015 21:26:05
    Chipset : Qualcomm
    NAND Flash : FM6BD4G2A
    SIM Lock status : unlocked

    I need help, thanks!
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    We do not have such solution for zte.