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E160 USB Modem cannot unlock?

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    Ok i have tried unlocking the new dongle but my problem has slightly changed, i now get a read error on th sim lock everytime i autodetect the dongle?

    I have tried it with the 02 sim inserted as well as with the t-mobile sim i want to use. I am also getting the error with no sim inserted??

    Is it possible 02 have altered these to prevent unlocking or something cause i'm stuck with using 02 broadband for now and im only getting gprs speeds most of the time cause their 3G coverag sucks!


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      Ok, i enabled debug mode for you, can you read memory from modem ? How read details in private.


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        Well i'm really starting to get p****d off now, i can no longer login now with my user name and password and before you start saying i'm looking for excuses to get a refund i have enclosed a pic and if need be i will post a video of what i'm doing on youtube to prove to the world i am not giving you bull s**t!

        I have the original email i can provide to you which clearly shows my user name and password, it worked before so what's happened now?

        I have a screen shot of the email but i will not post it in case someone uses my login to unlock their device but will happily provide you it via pm if needed.


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          Have good new year party ..... ?
          You provided screen shot, on screen shot is button remind password.
          You enter wrong password, passwords is case sensitive !
          Also i sent to private


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            I know what my password is, i said in my post i have my password and i am well aware you enter it case sensetive so your arrogant reply does not help!

            The password you sent me via pm is the same as the one in my email and the one i tried to use but i am now unable to login as i get the error shown in the pic.


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              Sorry .... but i not understand you ... you can't enter password correctly ? What i can say
              Attached picture with your longings.
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                In my email my password is clearly in lower case, yet in the picture you posted it is upercase?

                No wonder i am going round in circles!


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                  Why you laying ?
                  Picture password to you ...
                  Anyway you can read memory now, it take 5 min let me check your modem.
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                    To all who will try enter this password ant try get credits from acoolwelshbloke , this is not full password ... and will not work


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                      acoolwelshbloke I have always good unlock e160 and etc... modem! 100% work!

                      maybe you need credit in accaunt for unlock ; )?
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                        I will be connecting my dongle later in debug mode as requested, I have also seen a reply on 3G forum where links were provided for generic software just in case the 02 dashboard is locked to 02.

                        I will try the software first, failing that i will go the debug route, ohh and if it turns out the software was the problem or that the dongle is already unlocked you can keep the money i wil just be happy to get this thing working on t-mobile.


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                          Just a brief update, i have flashed my device with new software and i have removed all 02 software from my pc and have re-connected the dongle and installed the unbranded software and after some hassle of it not detecting the device i have finally got it working.

                          I have put the dongle in and connected to server so you should have that debug information you wanted. i am in the process of installing the t-mobile profile on the new software and i will see what happens.

                          Fingers crossed!!!!!


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                            I finally managed to get my dongle working with T-Mobile, I had to flash my device with new firmware/software and it sorted out all my problems thank god!

                            Why nobody posted that useful information here is beyond me, maybe if people actually decided to help me instead of calling me a liar over and over this could have been sorted a long time ago!

                            I was under the impression I had to use the dc unlocking software to unlock my dongle and in the process unbranded software replaced the built in firmware/software, I googled for days looking for generic software for the E160 but found nothing and huawei will not release it to the general public!


                            I donít want to offend or sound nasty, but I strongly recommend you offer better support in future and if you have trouble understanding what people are saying when posts or emails are written in English then you should look at getting someone who can understand and this type of problem could be avoided in the future. Just because someone presses a wrong button or does not understand the process because no guide or instructions are given does not make them a liar!

                            I am a man of my word and you can keep the money, but I will not be recommending your service because the support and rude emails I have received are just damn right out of order, you have not offered me any real support other than to try a different sim or check firewall and when I ask you what ports I need to check you send me an email saying I am technical minded so I should know which was no help at all!!!

                            Either way i am just glad i got it sorted now so i will say no more!


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                              Yes, i call you liar !
                              Because you knew, that modem is unlocked after you try detecting it without the sim card. When i asked you to show what is detected, you manually modified detect status to LOCKED, and whole week you were writing here useless information how we are bad, no instructions, no support, sent bad password and etc.
                              In this case you have sent me to wrong way ... Generic software is on our web page in download section, sure you need it after modem is unlocked !!

                              After searching in other forums i found amazing info ... that in other forums YOU wrote that modem is UNLOCKED. Post is few hours after you posted here "LOCKED". To hide lie, you modified your post in this forum. Attached screenshots confirming your post in other forum and screenshot what you modified here.

                              Thread is closed and moved to thrash.
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